Sunday, May 25, 2008

3 more games....

Is all the Detroit Red Wings need to win the Stanley Cup..a.k.a. Lord Stanley ! Three more games!! And, as history has shown, the team that wins Game 1 has gone on to win the Stanley Cup 53 times out of 68 !!!

The Red Wings are playing the Pittsburgh Penguins this year in what has been billed the most exciting and most anticipated Stanley Cup final in YEARS ! And I do literally mean YEARS !!! These two teams are the best of the best, the cream of the crop and both have the numbers to prove it. But can experience (Wings) win over youth (Penguins)?? I guess we'll see ?!?!

This is also the first ALL-AMERICAN line up since 2003. That's right.. we sent them Canadian teams back home crying like babies...hehehehehe

Our local paper couldn't have said it better. "Red Wings draw first blood in Stanley Cup finals" The score ? 4-0 !! That's right, we shut them down ! Whooo hoooo !!! It would have been 5-0, but they have some gay ass refs who are bound and determined to knock us down (goalie interferance my ass!!) I'm so geeked. That would be awesome if the Wings could bring back Lord Stanley to the Joe Louis Arena. Did I mention that this would be the Wings' ELEVNTH Stanley Cup Victory??? 11 Stanley Cups !!! The most in US franchise history !

Here's a little blup from the article in today's edition of The Flint Journal...

Sidney Crosby managed only a handful of shots.
Evgeni malkin coughed up the puck in his own end, leading to a goal.
Marc-Andre Fleury stumbled and fell coming onto the ice before the game.

Where were the high-flying Penguins who rolled to a 100-point season and a 12-2 playoff record?

The Detroit Red Wings can have that effect on a team. PERIOD!

In other SPORTS news... The Detroit Tigers bat Twins around in 19-3 victory !

Ahhhhh.... with the exception of the Detroit Pistons (who by the way were also playing their Eastern Confrence finals in Detroit).... Last night was a good night in Detroit...Hockey Town, U.S.A. !!!

GO WINGS !!!!!