Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The picture tells the story!!

Well in a very, very nerve wracking game 6, it's finally over !!! The Detroit Red Wings have again brought home "Lord Stanley" where it has been 10 times before.

What do you mean I can't buy any octopus in Pennsylvania?? Geesh, do ya'll not understand the significant history in this ??? Hmmmm......

This tradition started in 1952. Back then there was only two rounds in the Stanley Cup Finals - 8 games needed to be won to win the cup. [Eight legs - eight games] A store owner threw an octopus on the rink before Game 1 of the finals and The Red Wings swept the series that year to win their 5th Stanley Cup. And so the tradition began of throwing an octopi on the ice at the beginning of a game - they believed the octopus was a "good luck" charm.

I would just like to say congrats to the ENTIRE Red Wings Organization, from the owner, Mike Ilitch, all the way down to the members of the team who were on the bench, not playing, but rooting their team on. Thanks for an awesome year, YOU GUYS ROCK !!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Warm weather + Good friend = Good Times !

Well, what a weekend this was! My bestest friend Rachel came down this weekend and to top it all off, the weather was nice, FINALLY! Friday afternoon, we took Rach's 3-year-old niece & my boys to the park. A blast was had by all ! Then Friday night, we went to see Fireworks. This was the weekend of my town's festival. Saturday, we got up early and took the kids to a pancake breakfast put on by my town's fire department (hey, not only yummy, but for a good cause too!) before the parade. Dang, the kids got a TON of candy from the parade (great just what they needed!!) After the parade we went down to the festivities (carnival rides, elephant ears, games) and all had a blast! After that we just came back home and chilled out and watched some TV. Specifically the Red Wings game!! Whoo hoo, they won so now they are up 3 games to 1 in the Stanley Cup finals !!! GO WINGS !! Monday night will be game 5 here in Michigan - HockeyTown USA !!!!! Rach went home today (boo hoo) so I guess it's back to realility again! Yuck!!! lol Oh, and I got the new WiiFit game; can't wait to try it out !!!!!